Why Choose Steam Programme

Enhance GCSE & A Level results

Though our workshops encourage students to combine their subject knowledge in creative ways, they still cover a great deal of core course content. Whether they’ve chosen Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Maths, they’ll enhance their understanding and be well-prepared for exams.

Ability to work across disciplines

Rarely is a real job entirely constrained to one discipline.Employers are looking for graduates with a range of skills who are adaptable. The STEAM programme helps students become well-rounded individuals.

Experience from leading industry professionals

Having positive role-models who can explain how to apply subject knowledge is a great way to motivate students. Industry professionals will also be on the lookout for bright new talent during our workshops. Our STEAM students could be just who they need.

Develop skills for very in-demand jobs

Coding is now a key role in virtually every industry and demand for computer scientists is extremely high. Coders however need to be able to work with people from a whole range of backgrounds and professions. Our programme places a special focus on helping technically-minded students grow in communication, collaboration and confidence.