What is STEAM?


STEAM unites the most in-demand subjects in an interdisciplinary
learning style. We’re inspiring the inventors of tomorrow.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (or STEAM) have long been regarded as vital subject areas for making progress in virtually every industry. Business owners and academics are looking for logical thinkers, problem solvers and technical experts to bring ideas to fruition.

But what about generating and communicating those ideas? If technicians are really to succeed, they must be able to express themselves confidently and eloquently.

We’ve extended STEAM to include the Arts, as a way of nurturing students into rounded individuals. With STEAM, superb communication skills develop alongside technical excellence. Outstanding collaboration abilities grow alongside software expertise.

Through workshops incorporating theatre, music and the visual arts, students become confident in speaking with their peers and seniors, and are able to formulate their sparks of inspiration into detailed ideas. They also have a healthy break away from the screen to make friends and follow their curiosity.

Exciting hands-on workshops

Workshops make up most of our programme and take place on-site at Kirkham Grammar School.

  • Beyond textbooks and traditional revision, students will discover how their knowledge can be creatively applied
  • They’ll work on a project with their peers and make a real-life brief
  • They’ll be guided by qualified teachers who want to share their passion for STEAM

Learn to code using microbits

In the workshops, students program tiny handheld computers called Microbits.

  • They’ll practice a simple coding language that prepares them for learning Java, Python and C++ later on
  • They’ll create things like robots, musical instruments and computer games
  • They’ll have fun with a new type of technology

Develop transferrable skills

As they’re learning to code, students also increase their soft skills

  • They’ll develop creativity as they come up with original ideas
  • They’ll gain resilience as they work around the many challenges that coders face
  • They’ll learn to think critically as they evaluate how the project is going throughout their sessions and respond to feedback from teachers

Experience life at a leading university

As well as workshops at our base, they’ll visit either Manchester or Lancaster University for a research-focused workshop:

  • They’ll experience life on a real campus
  • They’ll learn about cutting-edge research from leading professors
  • They’ll be inspired to think about studying for a STEAM-related degree


Subject knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths

Industry experience
Problem solving
Critical thinking

Why choose our STEAM programme?

Enhance GCSE & A Level results
Ability to work across disciplines
Experience from leading industry professionals
Develop skills for very in-demand jobs

STEAM in industry

Our belief at Gledus is that by combining Science, Technology,
Engineering, Arts and Maths in one unified programme, we
develop our students into well-rounded individuals who can
turn their hand to any project.