Our STEAM Girls programme takes inspiring content from our other STEAM programmes and presents it in an empowering environment for females. Sadly, women are still largely under-represented in the technology industry and on computer science courses across the country.


We want to address this imbalance. We teach girls at the same high level as our mixed programme, but with a special focus on building their confidence for going into industry and pursuing their passion.

Students will learn from inspiring teachers on how to program tiny handheld computers called Microbits. They’ll decide whether they want to create a game, robot or music player. They’ll be able to take their Mircobit away with them at the end, keep up what they’ve learnt and see where their creativity takes them.


With arts sessions alongside their computer science workshops, they’ll be coached to express their ideas and collaborate together across backgrounds, interests, and experiences. This is ideal preparation for taking up a coding role in a variety of industries, since coders will be required to work with non-technologists and creatives too.


If students are approaching GCSE’s, they’ll benefit from our STEM activities, which apply core syllabus content. While recapping their knowledge, girls will also discover the link between these subjects and real-world applications.

No prior coding experience is required but there are some prerequisites for attending this programme:
  • Students must be between age the 13 and 16 at start of the programme
  • Students must have a strong understanding of English
  • The programme is exclusively for girls
  • Students should be familiar with basic IT skills such as using a web browser, an office suite and saving files.

Workshops run from 08:30 am with pick-up around 4:30 pm. Find out more about our programme schedules here. We ask that students bring their own lunch.

STEAM Girls workshops:

  • Small teaching groups of no more than 10 per teacher
  • Passionate and supportive teachers
  • The opportunity to develop highly in-demand coding skills from a young age
  • Fun activities that challenge and delight students
  • Regular breaks
  • Arts and outdoor activities to help students grow into rounded individuals
  • The chance to make friends with similar interests

Students should be dropped off at Kirkham Grammar School between 08:00 and 08:30 hrs and collected at 16:30 hrs. There is the facility to extend this collection time up to 18:00pm but this will incur an additional charge.

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  • There is the facility to extend the collection time up to 18:00 but this will incur an additional charge
  • Students must come with a packed lunch