10 reasons to go to an international summer camp

Summer camps are amazing opportunities to travel, make new friends and learn new skills. Should you consider choosing one over your next holiday? Here are 10 of the best reasons we think they’re worth giving a go:


1. You’ll get you visit a different country

Summer camps are the perfect opportunity to see a new place in world. For usually around a week or two, you’ll stay in a brand-new country and experience its culture. Unlike travelling alone, residential camps are very secure so you can relax without worrying where’s safe to go.


 2. You’ll make friends from all over the world

Summer camps usually attract students from many different nationalities. It’s a great chance to meet people from other backgrounds and find out how their life compares to yours. Through the activities you take part in, you’ll soon bond and hopefully stay in contact for years to come.


 3. You’ll improve your language skills

If you choose a summer camp with language lessons included, you’ll certainly notice a difference in your proficiency. Teaching is usually intensive but being in a native speaker environment means you’ll have of plenty of opportunities to practice. All students that attend will be in the same position as you and you’ll be able to help each other.


 4. You might go on exciting trips around the country you’re staying in

Many of the most popular camps take students to famous locations. You could visit capital cities, natural landmarks such as beaches or surrounding towns. Those with an education focus will often let you try out life as a university student on a nearby campus.

Gledus British Summer camps include fantastic trips to London, Manchester, York, Blackpool and the Lake District. Uniquely, our excursions relate to what students have learnt in the classroom, bringing history, politics and geography to life! Find out more here.


5. You’ll learn new skills

Sometimes residential camps will give you the chance to try out something new. It might be a seasonal sport, a hands-on activity like cooking or even something to further your language learning like an acting class. You might discover your next hobby!


 6. You’ll become independent

Being away from home is a little scary sometimes but you can always learn so much. By keeping to your camp schedule and choosing activities by yourself, you’ll start to develop a little independence. There’s no need to worry though as camp counsellors or other staff members should be there to help if you have any problems.


7. You’ll gain something for your CV

Nowadays, it’s important to show employees that you’re able to step out of your comfort zone. Going abroad to a camp is a fantastic example of challenging yourself in order to learn. Many companies will also value language qualifications if you can prove that you took part in lessons during your stay.


8. You’ll feel more confident

With your new friends, new skills and new independence, you’ll almost certainly feel more self-assured. When you return home after camp, you’ll realise how much you developed during your short time abroad and feel prepared to face later challenges.


9. You’ll have memories to keep forever

It’s impossible to come away from a summer camp without unforgettable memories. The fact that you’re abroad, taking part in exciting activities every day and forming firm friendships fast will give plenty to remember.


10. You’ll have a really fun time

Most of all, summer camps are great fun. Even when you’re learning, activities should be designed to help you have a wonderful time- you’re on vacation after all! As long as you choose a trustworthy and accredited programme, you can guarantee that every minute will be fun-filled.


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At Gledus, we host certified residential summer camps for international students in Lancashire, North-West England. These are safely held in Kirkham Grammar, one of England’s best boarding schools. They include English lessons endorsed by the British Accreditation Council and unique specialist streams in Football and the Performing Arts. Find out more on our summer camps page.


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