University Workshop: STEAM

As part of our programmes, we offer students the opportunity to experience life as a university student. They’ll try out state-of-the art equipment at one of the county’s leading campuses and learn from world-renowned professors.

Inspiring students to grow

On their day at Lancaster University, they’ll focus on subjects most needed in today’s industries: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. In other words, STEAM.

Learning from experts in the Computer Science Department, they’ll come into contact with cutting edge research at the Times University of the Year. We’re confident this will inspire them to aim for a top university, as well as prepare them well for their future careers.

With today’s technology, the demand has never been greater for STEAM graduates, design innovators and computer programmers. Opening students’ eyes to these studies through this workshop could broaden their prospects for life.

This outstanding opportunity comes as part of our commitment to not just teach English and take students on trips, but help them to grow. You can find out more about our core learning strategy

Teaching innovation

STEAM is renowned as an interdisciplinary learning style to ‘inspire tomorrow’s inventors’. We do this by
encouraging students to programme tiny handheld computers called Microbits.

They’ll discover how to code using programming languages. Though simple at first, these will set the foundation for learning Java and Python later in their education or career.
They’ll develop problem solving skills. Coding is a challenging process. Encouraging students to work around challenges at this early stage will build their resilience.
They’ll receive professional feedback from experienced professors. Learning from the best, they’ll be able to produce a programmed Microbit that they can really be proud of.
They’ll use their creativity to make custom designs. Each choosing their own shape or pattern, they’ll be prompted to be imaginative to make their Microbit work.
They’ll present to an audience. Describing their methods and successes in front of their peers with build confidence and make sure their engagement with the day’s activities.
Find out more about Microbit here

Connecting with industry

Hearing success stories and insider tips from professionals is a sure way to motivate students in STEAM. During the course of the workshop, they’ll listen to a number of talks from industry leaders who love what they do. Speakers will share with students a little about their company and answer any questions they may have.