Football And Performing Art Specialisms

GROW through specialist streams

Where Gledus summer camps stand out from others is in offering
extraordinary opportunities to learn from industry leaders. By taking
part in football and the performing arts sessions, students will grow
in confidence and aspirations.

Support from industry leaders

We put attendees in touch with experienced professionals on the football pitch or on the theatre stage. This not only gives them an enjoyable experience that they will remember for years to come but develops transferrable skills and confidence in networking.

Understanding of international
business practice

In bringing the world together through education, we want to kindle international aspirations. To do this, we show our students the best of what the UK has to offer at the renowned Manchester United Football club and the Manchester College theatre. This, along with making firm friends with fellow attendees from across the globe, will broaden their perspective. We hope they will consider opportunities such as studying or working abroad as they go through life.

Extraordinary opportunities and

We’re well placed to develop global business acumen among young people following our own accreditation as a trustworthy international collaboration partner by the British government’s House of Commons. We pass on good working practices in inspiring settings so that Gledus attendees will be primed for cross-cultural exchanges in the future. They will learn, execute and grow.

Specialist streams

For the budding musician or dramatist, our Performing Arts stream offers the chance to take to the stage and put newly developed grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary into play. With Shakespeare’s script in hand, students learn from professionals how to perfect their orations, and their English.

Professional sessions in cutting-edge facilities

Week 2 of the summer camp for students enrolled on the performing arts stream will comprise an exciting array of workshops, rehearsals and performances designed to develop transferable skills. All are delivered at Manchester College, one of the largest education institutions in the UK.

Understanding the history of English

Students will be taught the background behind the Bard’s most famous plays, including the intriguing grammar and vocabulary of Modern English. Therefore, they gain a fascinating insight into the history of the language they’re learning. Contextualising English in this way promotes an advanced level of understanding so they’ll be able to produce stand-out essays at school.

Confidence in public performing

Taking to the stage themselves, they will learn from seasoned actors and vocal coaches how to execute the correct warm-up routines and projection techniques to give a flawless performance. These skills transfer to academic studies since students will gain confidence in public-speaking and accuracy in their English pronunciation. This does not just boost fluency in preparation for exams but in using the language throughout their working lives.

Putting on a show themselves

After putting in the hard work in rehearsals, students will be rewarded with a professional performance opportunity in front of an audience before receiving a DVD recording to take home to their families. This will serve as a reminder of the confidence, English fluency and contextual understanding they’ve developed.

Raising aspirations in the arts

With all these activities located close to the renowned Media City UK, students will raise their aspirations by seeing real life television studios and performing arts professionals at work. When they return to their studies, they will feel motivated to work towards exciting careers.

Developed Skills:

Public–speaking ability
Confidence in front
of an audience and in
talking English
Enhance creativity
Pronunciation &
Awareness of historical
English varieties
Understanding of the
arts industry
Practice in
putting together
a professional production
Networking with
industry leaders

For keen sportsmen and women, our Football stream offers world-class UEFA grade coaching. Additionally, students learn from specialist sessions about the science and commerciality of the game. Expressing business deals, warm-up routines and team tactics in English puts students’ language skills centre-pitch.

Unrivaled professional coaching and
qualification from UEFA A staff

Week 2 of the summer camp for both boys and girls enrolled on our football stream will entail unrivaled coaching from certified UEFA A staff. Working on agility, coordination and fitness in professional level training sessions, we help students towards standards of playing expected by English football leagues. Upon completion, they will be rewarded with a prestigious International Development Certificate, proving the quality of their training so they can win opportunities back home.

Cross-curricular lessons surrounding football

Our students will not just live the football fan’s dream but learn important lessons behind a winning club’s success. On visits to Tranmere Rovers’, they will discover how the club’s deals take place, developing valuable business acumen. They’ll also be educated in food and health by a leading nutritionist, bringing to life their school science studies.

Accelerating English expression

All the while, chatting with professional players and asking advice in English will propel their conversational fluency. On returning to their language lessons at home, their teachers will notice more than the smiles on their faces. Additionally, covering such diverse subjects surrounding the game will introduce them to exciting new vocabulary that they can integrate into their academic writing assignments.

A visit to Manchester United

Our football stream also offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Manchester United football club at Old Trafford. They will admire the accolade-adorned corridors of the dressing rooms, experience the excitement of the press room and even walk the famous tunnel as the take on United’s very own pitch. This will spur them on to maximise their training.

Developed Skills:

Conversational English
Specialist vocabulary
Physical fitness and
Commercial awareness
Understanding of the
sport industry
Networking with
industry leaders
Strategic thinking