Evenings and Free Time

Enriching evenings

With all their hard work and excitement during the day, our students deserve to unwind come the evening. Nonetheless, we want to help them make the most of their British residential camp experience. We lead structured activities that integrate with the rest of their camp curriculum, but unfold at a more relaxed pace.

These include:

Book Club

Snuggle up with a good-page turner and discuss characters and themes with friends.

Film Night

Take inspiration for your theatre performances from stars of the silver screen.

Art Class

Create your own of piece artwork to take home as a memoir of your experiences.

BBQ Party

If the great British weather permits, enjoy an outdoor feast of popular British party food.


Dance the night away to the soundtrack of some contemporary British hits.

Awards Ceremony

Celebrate the successes of the fortnight by recognising achievements with awards.

These evening activities allow students to bond with their classmates, meditate on their daily experiences and informally practice their English.

Free time

Of course, it is important for students to rest and reflect. Throughout our busy camp schedule, attendees have time to recuperate in the comfort of their dormitory day rooms. There they’ll find games, TV, DVDs and snacks for a well-earned break from their classes. See our schedule to find out more.