FOCUS on English

Students will focus on foundational skills of reading, writing,
listening and speaking in their English classes during our summer
camp. Though teaching is intensive so that progress is fast,
students will enjoy a safe, friendly and fun learning environment.

Confidence through
expert help

Our qualified native English teachers will help students correctly pronounce their words and form accurate grammatical sentences. They’ll give them the confidence to communicate effectively with their new international friends.

Inspiring interactive

Our classes stand out in taking students beyond passive teaching to use English interactively. By telling their own stories, engaging in their own conversations and writing their own creative pieces, they will transform their textbook learning into real-life language skills. This is vital for students to be able to use their English education beyond the summer camp in the real world.

Supportive small

At Gledus, we believe in quality over quantity. Maintaining small class
sizes means students receive more attention from their teachers. If they
have a problem or need extra help, support comes quickly. Moreover, our
students get to know each other and their teachers very well so they feel comfortable and can grow.