Providing an exceptional British experience

With accredited English tuition, relevant UK excursions and the
opportunity to choose a specialist stream that suits them, our camps
offer students the best kind of British experience.


Our summer camps deliver the academic rigour that you would expect from a programme endorsed by the British Accreditation Council. Students receive at least 10 hours English teaching per week from fully qualified native teachers. They cover the required areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening but importantly, include interactive activities. Having the chance to write creatively and tell stories themselves means students move beyond passive learning to develop English skills they can use in real life.


Like any good summer camp, Gledus takes students on exciting excursions around the UK. What sets us apart is that they are fully integrated with academic programmes. When they study the Romans, they visit York. When they learn about UK government, they go to London. The relevance of these trips means English learning extends beyond the classroom to real places and real scenarios.

Football & Performing Art

In our British Accreditation Council inspection, our summer camps were deemed “exceptional”. The reason? Gledus allows students to choose their own stream. Not everyone learns the same. Therefore, we offer a programme that caters for different tastes. By doing so, we ensure students feel motivated and inspired during their time with us. They will learn alongside leading industry professionals and raise their aspirations towards international collaboration in their future careers.

How does the programme work?

In week 1 of the residential summer camp, students will focus on developing their English and execute their improved skills during our exciting excursions.

In week 2, students will take part in their football or performing arts sessions, depending on which specialist stream they have chosen.

In the evenings of both weeks, students will enjoy a range of activities including art lessons, book clubs, and film nights. These will encourage their personal development but also give students the chance to relax with their new friends.


This summer, we invite students to FOCUS, EXECUTE and GROW with Gledus.
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