Life Long Experiences

Alumni opportunities

The extraordinary opportunities that Gledus provide don’t end when students’ British summer camp draws to a close. On completion of our two week programme, all attendees will be automatically added to our extensive alumni organisation. There, they’ll find it easy to keep connected with the professionals and organisations that they’ve worked with during their specialist streams and excursions. In the future, they can follow Gledus’ lead in forming international collaborations through business and education that bring the world together.

Friendship networks

With the incredible friendships that our students find during their time at Gledus residentials, it’s natural that they’ll want to keep in touch. Uniquely, our online friendship networks cover not just western platforms but those from further afield including WeChat and WeiBo. In keeping with our values, we give students of all backgrounds opportunities to make the most of the bonds they’ve developed in UK.

Transferable skills

Though our summer camps our short, their benefits are long. Students will be able to carry the transferable skills that they develop with us through their higher education and future careers. From dramatically improved English proficiency to deeply embodied cultural understanding. From confidence when speaking in front of an audience to confidence when performing under pressure as a team. We’re confident that a Gledus experience will endow students with life-long skills that will make them incredible.