Apr 02, 2019

How to learn English vocabulary easily

Learning English is fun and gives you the opportunity to communicate with people in countries all over the world. However, there’s an awful lot of vocabulary to master. With English’s often strange spelling patterns and confusing pronunciations, it can be difficult. To help you out, Gledus’ team of native English teachers have suggested 10 ways that you can commit words to memory without stress.     Watch movies and listen to music How many hours do you spend streaming the… Read more

Mar 23, 2019

How to make friends from other countries

  Making international friends is not only great fun, but it’s a way of learning more about different cultures and countries. You’ll never get bored with conversations comparing food, festivals and famous landmarks from each other’s homes. Not to mention the trips that you’ll make to visit your overseas pals. International friendships will also help you to relate to people from diverse backgrounds as you enter the workplace and progress through your career. But making international friends is not always… Read more

Mar 16, 2019

Why the North West of England is worth a visit

The North West of England: gorgeous lakes, buzzing cities and fascinating history. There’s plenty to see! While London, Oxford and Cambridge might be top of your list, don’t leave the UK without visiting this unique and beautiful corner of the country. The Gledus team are based in the North West so are excited to share their expert recommendations for visiting below.   Natural beauty Years ago before people could afford to fly to exotic countries, the North West of England… Read more