Our Values

As a family-owned organisation with a
genuine care for others, all we do is rooted
in these values:


We keep students safe and do everything we can to help
them feel secure.

From the moment the plane lands to the moment the plane takes off, parents and guardians can be assured that their children will be supervised by qualified members of staff.
Our summer camp base at Kirkham Grammar School is secure and we relentlessly look after students when we take them on excursions.


We value our students’ wisdom and welcome their
cultural perspective.

Our programmes offer many opportunities for our students to partake in thoughtful discussions so that they develop a respect for other cultures and people. Our staff, coming from a diverse range of backgrounds themselves, lead by example but also encourage students to share their own knowledge with their peers.


We work honestly and ethically with everyone’s best
interests at heart.

We have an incredibly strong conscience and promise to put students’ needs as our number one priority. Everything we do is motivated by giving them the best possible chance to learn and grow. Never will we neglect their concerns.


We encourage students to thrive, both in education
and career.

We do not just teach our students in the classroom but we actively seek out opportunities and experiences that will enrich their lives. Our camps our special in providing industry-linked activities that inspire confidence and promote successful careers.


We take our duties seriously and do not lapse in care.

We are glad that our students’ families have chosen us to provide excellent educational experiences. Acting responsibly, we deliver what is promised by putting our programmes together carefully and ensuring students feel encouraged to participate.