Our Story

A message from our founder, Henry Hargreaves

My vision is to help bring the world together through education. In some small way, I believe our education programmes do exactly this.

It’s no secret that connecting cultures encourages learning to flourish. While studying at Tsinghua University, I experienced this first-hand by interacting with students from China and further afield. I learnt how to respect people from different backgrounds, but also shift my own thinking to be more creative.

It was these benefits that motivated me to give students from abroad an equally valuable experience in the UK. My team and I have developed outstanding education programmes for international students coming to England. With full British Accreditation Council approval, you can be assured of students’ safety and confident that they are receiving rigorous education at our summer camps.

At the same time, our core values of safety, respect, integrity, opportunity and responsibility mean we care about more than just certification. Our education programmes are truly enriching experiences for attendees to pursue their own special interests and blossom as individuals. They’ll connect with new friends from across the globe but also develop working relationships for their future career. They’ll learn, execute and grow.

I welcome you to join Gledus in this exciting cultural exchange so that we can bring the world together through education.

Henry Hargreaves Henry Hargreaves, Founder and Managing Director