About us

We are a team of highly-qualified educators and seasoned
industry professionals, all with a passion for STEAM.

Gledus deliver a series of short-term Coding programmes to provide specialist support for students interested in Computer Science and Programming.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (“STEM”) have long been regarded as vital subject areas in virtually every industry – our education programmes equip students with the skills and professional insight to pursue their own special interests and blossom as individuals. They’ll connect with new friends, learn new skills and explore exciting opportunities.

Message from our Founder and Managing Director

Welcome to Gledus. Our journey began when we spotted a gap in the current offering of UK K-12 programmes for an integrated learning programme that would combine Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We knew that these were vital areas for students to engage in with today’s rapid rate of innovation, and we wanted to unite them with industry insights from leaders in the field. We’ve put together a truly outstanding learning opportunity. I’ll hope you’ll join us in inspiring the innovators of tomorrow.


Our Values


We keep students safe and do everything we can to help them feel secure


We work honestly and ethically with everyone’s best interests at heart


We take our duties seriously and do not lapse in care


We value our students’ wisdom and welcome their perspective.


We encourage others to thrive, both in education and career

As an award-winning company,
we set the highest of standards
throughout our delivery.
Our programmes are anchored in
these core values