About us

Gledus has a mission to bring the world
together through education

We are a team of enthusiastic educators including qualified
native English teachers, experienced international collaborators
and seasoned industry professionals.

We want to welcome international students to the
UK so that they can

Improve their English by interacting in an immersive,
native environment

Develop an awareness and appreciation for other cultures

Kindle ambitions of studying abroad for higher
education and forging multi-national partnerships in
their future careers

Deepen their understanding of themselves and grow
as individuals

Enjoy extraordinary opportunities to connect with
industry leaders in football and performing arts that are
exclusively available through Gledus

Collaborate internationally in their future career

Focus, Execute & Grow

Our exceptional British residential summer camps encourage students to Focus, Execute & Grow . By combining
accredited English classes with a diverse range of excursions and unrivalled specialist streams, we offer
students a truly unforgettable experience.

Where else in one day can you…

Wake up in a quintessentially
British boarding school close to the
world-famous Lake District

Practice English in a fun
and interactive way in the country
from where it comes

Take to a world-famous stage or stadium
alongside some of the brightest
professionals the UK has to offer?

Core Values

We’re dedicated to giving summer camp international students an incredible two week
stay in the UK. That means all we do is driven by these core values


We keep students safe and do everything
we can to help them feel secure.


We value our students’ wisdom and
welcome their cultural perspective.


We work honestly and ethically with
everyone’s best interests at heart.


We encourage others to thrive, both
in education and career.


We take our duties seriously and do not
lapse in care.

As a family-owned company,
we know what it feels like be concerned
when loved ones are abroad. But you
can trust us. We look after our students
because we understand that it is only
when they are in a comfortable and
friendly environment that they
will flourish.